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    Tuesday, February 6, 2018

    Relationship Talk With Bukky: I think I'm not my girlfriend's boyfriend

    Straight faced guy.
    With all the love I have been showing her, she still tells me that she only likes me not love.
    Dear Bukky,
    Good morning, I need you to help me in my relationship.
    I met my girlfriend some months back and with all the love I have been showing her, she still tells me that she only likes me not love.
    I’m just fed up with it. Please help me out.
    Dear reader,
    Did you expressly ask her out to be yours, or has things just evolved to a stage where you just assume you are dating her?
    I mean, there is a strong possibility that you are dating her and she is not dating you. If there was no worded agreement between you both, that could be the explanation for what is happening.
    If she is your girlfriend in the real sense of it, she’ll love you and I don’t think she’d need to be asked before she says that.
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    To know if she’s really your girlfriend and to be sure you have not been in an illusory relationship all along, ask her what she thinks of you. Be plain in asking her the question: “what am I to you?”
    Let her answers guide you into making your next decision, whether to stay or move on with your life.
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